Having a good LGBT support system as a young queer adult can be incredibly beneficial for mental health and overall wellbeing. It can provide a sense of belonging, validation, and acceptance that may be lacking in other areas of life. Support systems can come in many forms, such as supportive friends or participation in LGBT-affirming […]

High School

Going to Ateneo was difficult, as most people would agree on. I think it was a nice challenge that shaped me into who I am today: someone who is willing to take on risks and face struggles without fear or anxiety. I have also met some of my closest friends from there and have remained […]


Going to an all boys Catholic elementary school like Claret can be a unique and enriching experience for many students. As a student in an all-boys environment, I had the opportunity to form close bonds with my classmates, as well as developed a strong sense of camaraderie and brotherhood. The focus on Catholicism was a […]


I have gone to an all-boys school my entire life up until college. I had made almost all of my closest friends from the different schools I have been to, and I transferred schools when I went to high school. I never found it difficult to make friends, as thankfully I was involved in school […]


I am a 22 year old Multimedia student. I like the arts, that’s why I decided to take up this course, and I wanted to learn more about it and meet other people who are my interests.